Pyramid API Released

Pyramid API Released

Updated 5/14/2015! Java API Released

The PTI engineering team is super excited to announce the release update of their new bill validator API. Our goal is to provide you, the developer, with all of the tools you require in order to make awesome things. We have also put together a few samples to demonstrate the power of these APIs that we hope you will find inspiring. All you need is a copy of PTalk.jar, a Pyramid bill validator, and a serial connection to your PC to get started.





Neat Stuff

For our first round of APIs we have targetted the Java platform. Entrepreneurs and developers work on all platforms so we believe that our tools should be held to the same standard. With the library you will be able to develop desktop, console, and web applications without having to hassle with cross-platform drivers.


Basic Example

The simplest example can be constructed with just two lines of code.

  1. Instantiate a PyramidAcceptor
  2. Connect
  3. Done!

// Create instance of bill acceptor and attempt to autodetect the device
PyramidAcceptor acceptor = PyramidAcceptor.valueOfRS232();
// Connect! this handles all the hand shaking and starts up the acceptor


Of course, this is just a basic example. You are free to specify your own port name, port configuration, and even configure event handlers. 


Feature-rich Example

In this example we set a custom baud, databit, stopbit, parity, and port name. We also show the ability to change the polling rate and alter the bill enable disable pattern. This allows the master to block certain denominations from accepting.
// Create instance of bill acceptor
acceptor = PyramidAcceptor.valueOfRS232(RS232Configuration.INSTANCE, 
		"COM4", APIConstants.BAUDRATE_9600, APIConstants.DATABITS_7,
		APIConstants.STOPBITS_1, APIConstants.PARITY_EVEN);		
// Connect! this handles all the handsahking

// Set poll rate to 50 ms

// Enable only bills 1 and 2

The demonstrates the configuration parameters for a PyramidAcceptor object as well as the bill enable masking. 


Applet Sample

Applets are not recommended for new development


With the example we demonstrate a simple applet that charges money for access to a service. In this case it is a silly count bot that counts words on a web page. With a little time you could adapt this to create a kiosk that serves YouTube videos, music, or any other timed service that you would like to sell

This requires a bill validator and serial connection between your PC and the bill validator.

Desktop Sample


This is a more traditional example based on a JFrame. This simply enables the bill validator and reports and event or state change. This sample is good for debugging your application to ensure that your product idea will be rock-solid.

The source code for this sample is available here.
This requires a bill validator and serial connection between your PC and the bill validator.

Your Input Welcome

Here at Pyramid Technologies we value customer ideas and innovation.
If you require a functionality that our API is not providing, feel free to let us know.





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