Reliance Developers

Reliance Developers

Greeting Developers!

The Pyramid software team is happy to share our expertise on thermal printing, ESC/POS, and native print processing. Our latest product, the Reliance Thermal Printer, can handle any task you throw at it. It can operate on any major operating system using your choice of print queues, USB, or true RS-232 serial connections. We speak ESC/POS fluently and support the many flavors that have been developed by other vendors over the years.

Our team has assembled a living ESC/POS document that is freely available here:

You can download the entirety of this documentation as a PDF or bookmark it so you always have the latest copy.

We have also put together a collection of example using the C# .NET language. Specicaly, we demonstrate how to use the Win32 print APIs both managed and through P/Invoke. Our team is working hard to grow these tools in order to make your jobs easier. These samples are available in our Github repo:

Happy Coding!


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